Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are a bright and bold accessory perfect for a night out and special events. It is so easy to transform a simple dress into a posh evening look by just adding a pair of unique dangling earrings. Yasmin Sewell once said: 'You can be wearing a man-style shirt and trousers and if you add long earrings, they'll elevate the outfit'. Chandelier earrings are the most common detail of attire on the red carpet, at bridal ceremonies, school proms, and black tie events. However, you need to know some secrets of how to buy and wear drop earrings right.

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How to buy and wear drop earrings


Jewellery looks good only when it is selected with taste, that is, fits with the entire ensemble of clothing. Dangling earrings cannot be matched with everything.


Wearers should take into consideration not only the type of clothing, but also the circumstances for wear: there are situations for which jewellery of this style is not appropriate. All the nuances of what to wear with such accessory and when it is appropriate are necessary to consider.


When should you not wear dangle earrings


Before talking about suitable wardrobe options immediately exclude those "working moments" when such a piece, even the most expensive and beautiful one, will look defiant.


Do not wear long earrings for a business meeting, job interview, or study, to negotiate with work partners, when taking an exam, and other situations in which it is very desirable to maintain a strict formal or business style of clothes.


Woman in Business Suit and Earrings


Such jewellery does not fit any business suit - neither with trousers nor with a skirt. And the fact that they will look out of place with sports clothing goes without saying too.


When will large earrings be appropriate?


They will fit with any evening dress, look great with light airy blouses, and can be combined with any variants of summer dresses.


Woman in Ling Earrings


Earrings of an elongated shape can also be worn with sweaters and turtlenecks, but only if they are chosen accordingly to the colour of the clothes, the structure of the fabric, and the quality of the material from which both pieces are made.


Consider the face and body shape


You can take into account all the nuances of your wardrobe, consider the suitability of your adornments in this or that situation, and yet it can turn out that they don’t quite compliment you. How can this happen?


Note that when you choose earrings, you always need to objectively evaluate your physical appearance.


If your face is narrow and elongated, drop earrings can visually emphasize the proportions. Should you then give up on them? No, just choose jewels with oval or round elements, this will visually "round" the long face.


Round Drop Earrings Gold Plated Silver


Full-figured women should not wear lengthy thin earrings as they will unsuccessfully underline round cheeks, not a thin neck, or the lush forms at all. At the same time the similar length of a jewel, only more voluminous, can give a completely opposite effect: the face will appear completely proportional and the shape of the neckline and shoulders will not be evident - the whole image will look fully harmonious.


Large Sterling Silver Earrings Love is in the air



Chandelier earrings do not suit women with short necks. However, this does not mean that these women should totally abandon jewellery of this form. Usually, accessories are selected to match garments, however, these women will have to do everything the other way around: select clothes based on the jewellery. The clothing should have a certain cut to visually lengthen the neck. It can be a dress with a deep neckline or a sweater with a high collar, starting not from the neckline, but slightly lower.


Additions to statement earrings


The accessory itself already attracts attention, so there is no need to add necklaces, bracelets, or large rings. This does not apply to cases where long earrings are included in a set of jewellery consisting of several items made in one style.


It is advisable to have earrings of different shapes in your jewellery collection, and to alternate them between the ensembles of clothes. If you know what to wear with such earrings, in which situations they are especially appropriate, and can choose them based on your appearance, then you can rest assured that they will really compliment you, emphasizing your personality and taste!