You never know a woman until you see her jewellery

Accessories can tell a lot about their owner before direct acquaintance. Psychologists may identify a type of woman by the way she wears her jewellery. Let's see if the way you wear rings, earrings, and necklaces can reveal your character.



Foxy Lady Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Contemporary Design



Women who prefer to wear large jewellery such as hoop earrings, pendants, and extravagant rings will most likely have an active lifestyle and social position. They are ever-busy people who complete their goals one after the other. They are always surrounded by people who can be both from a business setting and a friend’s party.

Metamorphosis sterling silver designer statement ring


Conclusion: big noticeable jewellery is preferred by cheerful and generous people. They generally have a lot of friends.



Girls who like their jewels in the form of watermelons, cherries, apples, cats and other animals, as well as those made of turquoise and coloured glass usually know what is happening. They know a lot of varied information and are accustomed to using it in practice.


Cats Earrings Sterling Silver


Conclusion: ladies like these are interesting to be with and will always find a solution to the troubles they get into.



Women who wear only classic jewellery, such as diamond or pearl rings or chains with small pendants usually stick to tradition and family. For them family values are always the first priority. They love to spend their free time with friends and relatives.


Bird in a house pendant sterling silver


Conclusion: these women are easygoing and calm; if you need them, they will always be there for you.



Women who can spend hours selecting one ring, consider every little part of it, will never be the second fiddle. They will only buy jewellery if they are 100 percent sure that they will be completely satisfied with it.


Birds Statement Cocktail Ring - Sterling Silver, Enamel


Conclusion: you can always ask their advice. They always know where to buy most beautiful and qualitative jewels.



Women who wear their jewellery in sets are used to leading. They control the whole process and direct the team. They carefully select their golden bracelet or earrings in tone with their footwear. Nothing in their look can arise indignation.


Flower Ring sterling silver enamel


Conclusion: these women are kind and pleasant companions. It's easy to have a heart to heart talk with them and you would always be a welcome guest in their house.




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