Wedding jewellery rules

What can be more important and serious for a woman than choosing the right outfit for her wedding?

When you are the centre of everyone's attention, you need to be glowing and flawless! Whether the bride wants it or not, her wedding jewellery is always a topic for conversation and it doesn’t only include the ‘big’ ring! So agitation and even more doubts cloud the woman’s mind, and the choice becomes more difficult and painful. Fortunately, there are examples of successful and unsuccessful outfits which can help you with your choices.


Wedding attire


How is the bridal jewellery chosen?

Each bride chooses her jewellery based on her taste or with consideration of the latest fashion trends. Some follow the recognised standards of beauty and style, and some trust their own talent and come up with creative solutions.


However, there are ‘unwritten’ rules made and tested over the years. A lot of them you may know, but some of them you will hear for the first time.


Bridal Necklace Sterling Silver Black Pearl Passion For Tango


The wedding dress is more important

Any accessories for the bride should be chosen for the dress, not in reverse. Even if you’re madly in love with some pieces, don’t buy them before the dress.


In a bride’s outfit the main piece is the gown. Any accessories or jewellery should emphasise the beauty and perfection of the outfit. Even if the smallest details such as earrings are just slightly brighter and more elegant than the rest of the outfit, you are risking looking more vulgar, which is unforgivable for a bride.


Bridal Dresses in Shop


Harmony in everything

Bridal jewellery should suit the dress, as well as the wearer in colour. Women with warm skin undertones are advised not to wear ‘cold’ jewellery and stones. The type of fabric is very important too: an airy semitransparent dress does not go with large and heavy jewellery. It is also important to keep the right ‘geometrical’ balance. If your choice fell on a dress with a sophisticated silhouette made of firm fabric, then weighed earrings will look harmonious.

Love is in the Air Bridal Earrings


Do not overload

There shouldn’t be much jewellery, nor makeup - redundancy is not fitting here. The bride herself should be in focus, the accessories should only accentuate her natural beauty. In some cases a bit of boldness is appropriate: a woman in a humble dress can wear a bright necklace of an unusual shape. In contrast, a charismatic star should stop on classic pieces, otherwise it can be an overkill.


Dangle earrings With Gren Peridot


Personal compatibility

Bridal jewellery should go well with your personality and temperament. If you are a fan of minimalism in life, then modest and coy accessories will be perfect. You will feel confident in them. Overly bright jewellery may psychologically throw you off balance, which can reflect on your attitude, hence on your appearance. Choose jewellery in which you won’t feel embarrassing or unnatural.


Wedding Outfit


In terms of the neckline

The shape of the neckline is an utmost important criterion when choosing bridal jewellery. Especially carefully should be chosen jewellery for a V-necked dress. Necklaces with pendants (which repeat the shape of the neckline) or small drop-like charms will be most fitting.


An elegant string of pearls will also be suitable. A dress with open shoulders will be most complimented by a small delicate neckpiece.


A corset dress without straps lifts any limitations, so you can choose to taste.

For a heart-shaped neckline a prolonged pendant will be the best fit (as long as it doesn’t go below the neckline).


How high or how low the neckpiece goes is based on the length and width of the neck and the desired effect - whether you want to lengthen or shorten the neck. The more skin is shown on the shoulders and arms, the bigger the stone of the necklace may be.


If the dress has a standing collar, jewellery on the neck is not appropriate.


Peace Lily Bridal Necklace


One thing

When choosing bridal jewellery it is important to decide where you want the accent to be. If you have a stunning neckpiece, earrings should fully complement it and be of the same colour and material.


If the necklace is modest or there isn’t one, you can bravely choose bright earrings, which will become a magnificent addition to the outfit. If you buy a set, the earrings will already be selected based on shape, size, and style. However, if you’re buying separately, there is a chance that you will make a mistake, so follow these rules: do not buy jewellery made from different metals or varying colours, don’t wear a massive necklace with dangling earrings. If you want to wear a bright large neckpiece (a statement piece), choose elegant earrings that do not dangle.


Sterling Silver Bridal Earrings With Topaz

Style in all elements


If you are wearing a bridal neckpiece with elements of mother-of-pearl, it must have a “twin” in the rest of the ensemble. For example, the earrings need to have mother-of-pearl inserts, or the comb or tiara must have some similar shine. Bright colourful stones must match the colour of the dress or other bridal accessories of the same hue. Finally the colour of the stone can match your eye colour - this is considered one of the best stylistic and original decisions.


Be more careful with accessories


No stylist will advise you to wear even the most expensive and stylish watch for your wedding. A wedding bracelet is a rarity too. A bracelet should be chosen very carefully, as it rarely matches the neckpiece. A bracelet is recommended when the dress exposes the arms and shoulders. One of the best options are bracelets from live flowers, which are very popular nowadays.


How to choose wedding earrings based on the shape of your face


Ladies with oval faces will suit earrings of any shape and form.


Brides with round faces need to visually lengthen their face, which is why it’s best to choose long dangling earrings. Hoop earrings, even with real diamonds, are severely discouraged, as they will only add width to a round face.


Temptation Long Silver Earrings


For a square face with a larger, square, more prominent jawline the ideal fit will be drop earrings. However, they must strictly reach the bottom of the jaw, not lower and not shorter. Stay away from clear distinct geometrical shapes, as they will only further emphasize the square shape of the face.  Alternative earrings can do more harm than good, so be careful. Choose only feminine earrings which will smooth out the outfit, levelling out any harsh lines.  


Bridal Drop Earrings With Topaz And Amethyst


Triangular faces with a wide high forehead will look great with dangling earrings. For symmetry a perfect fit will be earring pendants of large spherical shapes.


It is not recommended to wear drop earrings for people with prolonged thin faces with a sharp chin. Choose circular earrings or large earring without pendants, heavily decorated with stones. This is one of the only occurrences where a bride will suit earrings with a large stone that do not dangle.   


Face shape and earrings

How to choose bridal earrings appropriately for the hairstyle


If the hair style is high, all the hair is gathered up, and the neck is totally exposed, then the main criterion for the choice will be the shape of your face.


Elongated and sometimes even massive earrings will be fitting with loose long hair. If the shoulders and arms are totally bare and the face is not too large, you can boldly choose gorgeous large earrings. The main thing is that they don’t outshine your beauty and the dress.


Wedding Hair Style


The most important rule is: every marriage is individual! No scaffolds or templates can be used. Every woman is unique, and the rules of wedding style often refuse to work where natural charm and talent is present. If you doubt your choices, don’t be afraid to consult professional stylists. Having confidence in yourself is the key to making a stunningly beautiful wedding outfit, which will be spoken about and imitated for years to come.


Wedding Attire Colour


It’s hard to imagine that one day the white wedding dress will disappear. What colour can replace white?


Beige and off-white dresses


Ivory and ecru wedding dresses perfectly match golden pearls and gold. Pastel pink or beige dresses look stunning with cream pearls, gold, and coloured precious stones. Beige dresses don’t look good with blindingly white jewellery.


For a champagne coloured dress select jewellery in cream tones. Jewellery in cold hues is bluntly not recommended.


Cream or ivory dresses look very dramatic with fine gold and platinum jewellery.


If a wedding dress is embroidered with pearls or other sparkly stones, it will look good with jewellery which has similar sparkle. If the type of the dress encompasses some bright element, such as a turquoise ribbon around the waist, the wedding jewellery should definitely contain some element or hues of turquoise.


Love is in the air Bridal Pendant Necklace


Coloured wedding dresses

It's easier to choose jewellery for a coloured dress than a white one. It’s important to maintain the colour scheme and keep in mind your colour type as well as other criteria.


Why is it easier to choose?


The dress in itself is a bright element., Wedding dresses are often embroidered with stones, beads, pearls, and sequins. The main rule is that the jewellery shouldn’t stand out. Fancy jewellery in conjunction with a coloured dress may make the bride look like a Christmas tree, so when selecting earrings and necklaces lean towards ones of moderate sizes and shapes. If the main accent is on the dress, the jewellery should complement it, not be annoying and eye-catching.


A grand fiery red wedding dress is best matched with small earrings made with rose gold and ruby. Drop earrings with amethyst will go perfectly with any dress of green, turquoise, or purple hues. 


Red Wedding Dress


It is not always appropriate to add classic jewellery with white stones to a bright coloured wedding dress. If the stone is not transparent, it should shine in all the colours of the rainbow to harmonise with a coloured outfit.


If you have a highly exclusive wedding gown with fabric of all sorts of colours, choose any jewellery of a moderate size that matches the colours.




A lifelong partner and friend of the bride’s amongst the precious stones are pearls. It’s hard to find a piece that will emphasise the natural beauty of a woman in such an exact and favourable manner as pearls. There is the worldwidely recognised top of perfection – diamonds. However, decade after decade they are still unavailable to most of the population of this planet. Pearls are. Even though relatively cheap, pearls have a sense of magic, nobleness, and beauty that even queens find endearing. And besides that the stone has an amazing spiritual aura!


Surprisingly the stone also fits all colour types. You can’t find a woman whom pearls won’t suit. The most important part is choosing the right shape and hue, which is very easy with the amount of available colours, shapes, and sizes.


Spring colour type ➨ (fair-skinned and fair-headed)  yellowish or cream pearls.

Summer colour type ➨ (fair skin, not dark hair, bright eyes)  silvery or pink pearls.

Autumn colour type ➨  (warm-toned skin, somewhat fiery hair)  beige or green-yellow pearls.

Winter colour type ➨ (fair skin, dark eyes and hair)  black, white, or grey pearls.


 Bridal Pearl Necklace


Almost all rules have exceptions, so each bride must choose the colour and size of pearls based on individual characteristics of her looks. The classic white dress goes best with silver pearls, but not all beauties suit it. The size is usually chosen based on the features, shape, and size of the face, as well as the body type of the bride. Large pearls will not suit women with larger facial features, as they will visually enlarge the features.


Classic bridal jewellery with pearls are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, and other accessories for the hair. It’s important to remember other rules mentioned above when selecting such jewellery, as pearls can be very feminine and elegant, but also emphasize the wrong parts.  Hair accessories are very popular now, and will probably be for a while. After all, such an amazing look drives men crazy.


Modern brides are very lucky - they have a choice of combinatory jewellery. With delicate pearls there may be stunning, ever shining diamonds or exquisite rock crystal. This is exactly why the assortment of wedding jewellery only increases over the years.


Not recommended to wear with a white wedding dress


A snow-white dress doesn’t always suit golden jewellery. If it’s not recommended that you wear jewellery of other metals, choose white gold. Jewellery made of white gold with rhodium coating is in high demand as the gold shines much more brightly. And above all, it keeps its original condition for longer.


Imagination Two Fingers Ring

Jewellery with cubic zirconia


Jewellery with cubic zirconia is the ideal choice for weddings. Such jewellery suits almost any dress. The shine is alike, if not better than, the one of real diamonds. The quality is flawless, and the assortment is plentiful. All is left is choosing the right colour and shape of the pieces.


But especially beautiful are cubic zirconia with a snow-white dress.


Evening Adventure CZ Drop Bridal Earrings


A tiara with cubic zirconia is the top of elegance. It will always be in the ‘top ten’. It will be impossible to take your eyes off the bride. But note that a tiara is an accessory for the elite in a formidable setting, hence should be used carefully, only for an event comparable to its qualities.


Stones in bridal jewellery in accordance with the horoscope


High-end jewellery has created a lot of problems for women. A crazy amount of varying jewellery can easily confuse you - what should you choose when you like too much?  If you don’t know what to select, look into your horoscope for some help!


Pendant Necklace With Peridot


Choose earrings and neckpieces with stones of your zodiac sign. Remember to take into account your face shape, hue, the style of the dress, your colour type, personality, and the outfit of the groom! Everything should be in harmony!


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