Two Cats - a short story

Once upon a time, there lived two cats. The cats were both owned by the same person, however, they could not have been more opposite to each other.

The first cat was ginger: a rose gold, strawberry-ginger kind. His whiskers were long and thick, and he was known for having the personality of an immature yet grumpy boy. His body, however, was flexible and often found in the weirdest positions: hanging off the side of the couch, back legs over his front.



The second cat always strutted around graciously, showing off her long legs and soft paws. Her fur had a silver-like shine to it, and her eyes always sparkled like diamonds. She was a princess of her world, a gorgeous and precious being. Her nose was the pinkest triangle anyone has ever seen, a rose quartz gemstone embellished on a sterling silver body.



Like any princess, the second cat liked jewellery. A lot. She was often found sleeping in her owner’s jewellery cabinets, snuggled up to rings, necklaces and pendants. Her Highness liked the colours of the gems used for the pieces: green emerald, blue opal, turquoise, yellow sapphire, purple amethyst, red rubies, orange garnet and baby blue larimar. Her favourite, however, were the magnificently lustrous pearls. She also liked the coldness of the metals on her soft paws, and could spend days booping them with her gentle nose. Her owner had many different kinds of metal chains and rings: copper, sterling silver, rhodium-plated, rose gold and white gold. The cat had always liked the rose gold chains the most, despite really disliking her brother, who was almost the same colour.



Princess cat was always very careful with her surroundings, that is why her owner let her roam around freely. Her brother, however, liked to stir up trouble, and was strictly forbidden to ever enter the owner’s room.

One time, the owner left her bedroom door open by accident. She was in a hurry, and completely forgot to shut the door. This gave the brother cat an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the opportunity to frolic in this amazing space, to which he’s been only twice. The first time he got kicked out for peeing in owner’s shoes, and the second for leaving his fur all over the towels in the bathroom. He’s never seen the room since then. So, now, he decided to take the opportunity to cause even more mischief.



Firstly, he had to survey the perimeter. He marched around the whole room, looking important and terribly busy, just like he had seen in the movies his owner liked to watch. Next, he made sure there were no witnesses: stuffed toys, dolls made from fine china, even some blouses with particularly nasty buttons that seemed to stare into his soul - anything that seemed like it had eyes was destroyed. Now, he could freely accomplish his biggest desire, seeing what his sister liked so much. He jumped into the drawer that smelled like her, and found nothing interesting. Some weird-looking tiny strings with even weirder attachments were lying on some… some very soft material.



This! This was it. The material was so soft, he could not understand why the owner decided to ruin it with these sickly snakes. So brother cat threw them out of the top drawer, one by one, until he was finally on the soft fabric, with nothing cold and bumpy in-between. After a day of hard work on his little crime scene, he decided he needed a break, or, in the words of humans, a nap.

The owner came home quite a bit later when usual, with red eyes and slightly messy hair. Brother cat heard the noise of the front door opening in his sleep, and promptly was awake and out of his hiding spot. He even tried to close the door to the bedroom, as he often saw his owner do when she left the amazing room with soft drawers. But, he couldn’t quite reach the handle, so he decided to just go to his usual spot, right by the food dispenser.



As usual, he meowed loudly when his owner walked into the kitchen.

“Hi, little bud,” She said, bending down to scratch behind his ear.  The grumpy mode was immediately engaged in the ginger cat, as he stepped away, closer to the food dispenser.

“Come on now, you’ve had enough for today,” the owner spoke her usual words, which meant that Grumpy had to now go hide, his tail dropped and eyes sadder than ever. There was no use to the human after she said these words.



What he didn’t know, however, is that the owner was headed for her room… as was his sister, the princess.

The owner saw the mess in her bedroom and could not believe her eyes: why would her cats do something like that? All of her precious jewellery was strewn across the room: opals, rubies, garnets, all kinds of precious and semi-precious gemstones now adorned the bedroom floor. But that wasn’t the worst: some of her stuffed toys were ripped open, her expensive dolls were shattered on the floor, and oh, her favourite purple blouse! Shredded to pieces by some very sharp claws. If she didn’t know any better, she would assume it was the grumpy cat who has done this. However, she knew that he had no access to this room. The diva, however, did. Just as the owner turned around to go find the accused, the princess cat herself arrived at the crime scene.



“C’mon, Stella, why would you do that?” The owner sat down in despair. She was too tired to clean up. As she sat, the sister cat caught a glimpse of the room. Her favourite jewellery! She meowed loudly so her brother could hear. She will be having a few words with him, but later. Now, instead of running away from her slightly mad owner, Stella climber onto the owner’s lap, and started purring.



Hearing his sister’s call, brother cat made his way to the place of his recent folly. There, he saw his sister, quietly comforting their visibly shaken and upset owner.

“And you’re here, too, Horace?” The owner seemed on the verge of crying. Horace couldn’t help himself: against his stubborn and generally unaffectionate nature, he jumped on the owner's lap, too, and curled up next to his sister.

The owner smiled down at them. No matter how much these two misbehaved, or ruined her expensive jewellery and clothing, she would love them unconditionally.


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