10 facts you may not know about silver


1. Silver, just like gold, can be found in nature in the form of a nugget. The largest silver nugget ever mined, weighing 834.6 kg was found in Colorado, the United States.

Silver Nugget

2. Silver is highly malleable, that is why since old ages it has played an important role in a cultural, economic, and religious life of society. Silver items that are found in the Middle East are more than 6000 years old. The first coins in history were made of the alloy of silver and gold.

Old silver coins

3. According to ancient beliefs silver can cure and relax its owner. In the Middle Ages people were already aware of the bactericidal quality of silver and preferred to keep water in silver containers. They were also sure that silver defended against vampires. Although this fact did not get scientific confirmation so far (as well as the existence of vampires), nowadays doctors continue to use silver as a component in many medicines to cure various diseases and improve the immune system.

4. Currently the world’s silver resources are estimated at 570,000 tons. Most of them are located in Peru, followed by Australia, Mexico, China, and Chile. The world’s second biggest producer of silver is the Australian resources giant BHPBilliton, which owns the Cannington silver-lead mine in northwest Queensland, the world’s leading primary silver mine. 

Silver Mine

5. Silver is incredibly supple. 2km of the thinnest wire can be made of just 1g of this metal.

Silver Wire

6.Silver doesn’t oxidise by the oxygen, but it darkens in wet conditions.

Ancient silver milk and sugar set

7. Silver is perfect for any kind of handling - cutting, twisting, polishing, stretching, which made it a favourite metal in the jewellery industry. However, pure silver is not durable, which is why jewellery is normally made of sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver (92.5%) and another metal, usually copper (7.5%)

Silver Bullion

8. Nowadays rhodium plating is becoming more and more popular. Rhodium not only brings brightness to silver jewellery, but makes it more resistible to rust and damages. Rhodium is a precious metal that costs ten times more than gold. White gold jewellery is quite often plated with rhodium too. Only specialists can see the difference between silver and white gold jewellery if it is rhodium plated.

Rhodium Plated "Twist of Fate" Ring

9. Another way to change the look and style of silver jewellery is to oxidise it. Oxidised jewellery is black and may have slightly tarnished or antique look, or on the contrary, very contemporary and modern one, depending on the jewellery design.

"Amazing Surprise" Ring

10. One of the oldest techniques in silver jewellery decoration is enamelling, which makes each jewel a piece of art. A jeweller, or rather an artist, who works with enamel creates a unique product with an individual touch. 

Enamel "Birds" Necklace

Silver gives boundless possibilities to jewellers in creating unique masterpieces which never stop to amaze its lovers by a diversity of designs. Traditional or extravagant, with a great variety of gems and stones, silver is good for men and women of all ages.

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