Silver jewellery to complete your look

Sterling silver jewellery is the perfect choice for everyday wear. Its relatively low cost is the perfect match for the glorious cold shine that makes the jewellery look enticing and distinguished. If you want to buy silver jewellery online, hence have no opportunity to try it on, below are some tips on how to choose a piece that will suit you.

Silver jewellery can be the perfect replacement for golden one. Subtle necklaces or rings can be the perfect addition to an elegant dress. In this case, however, it’s important to remember that silver looks better in daylight than at night time.


Sterling Silver Juvite Earrings With Amethyst

Depending on its design, silver jewellery can help to create a specific look. For example, bulky pieces will fit the style of a femme fatale, while rounded jewellery pieces will highlight the elegance and gracefulness of the owner. We will gladly give you more elaborate tips for choosing silver necklaces, rings, and earrings below.


Love Is In The Air Sterling Silver Earrings With Cubic Zirconia

✔  If you want to pleasantly shock the public but don’t quite want the ‘vamp’ look, buy a fused piece with diamonds. The combination of silver and polished diamond can look unexpectedly unique and very stylish. Diamond simulant Cubic Zirconium serves this purpose none the worse.


Sterling Silver Stars Earrings with CZ Crystals


✔  To transform into a charming faerie you can complete a summer dress or a skirt with a top from light airy fabric with jewellery pieces in the form of insects, fruits, or animals. Silver jewellery, in general, is the best match for outfits from light fabric. A golden necklace will disharmonise such an outfit, while a silver one will only emphasise its delicateness.


Bird in a Cage Sterling Silver Pendant

✔  A classic suit is best matched with a piece from this precious metal in the form of geometric shapes. Another good solution will be a piece in the ‘big city’ style.


Triangle and Tahitian Pearl Pendant Geometry Design

✔  For a feminine, light, but a little sophisticated look try jewellery with a floral motif


Flower Ring Sterling Silver Blue Enamel

✔  When choosing silver rings always take note of the precious gems. Make sure that the gems will harmonise with the outfit you choose to wear, or will look good on your hand in general. No need to say that a statement ring requires neat and tidy manicure.


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