Pearl – the birthstone of June

Pearl is not just a precious stone. From the very moment of its birth pearl is connected with the Moon’s rhythms, and as the pearl grows, it accumulates the planet’s invisible and perfidious energy. 



The ancient Greeks believed that pearls are stark tears of ocean nymphs. Rich Greek women wore pearl necklaces to make their eyes shine more brightly and prevent themselves from unrequited love. Indian merchants reckoned that a pearl ring would keep them from theft and unfair deals. In the Middle Ages pearl was used to embroider bridal dresses as it was assumed to cement the marriage.




It was also believed that if a person wearing pearls was off track, his or her pearls would become darker. Pearls also may inform their owner about illness by losing their shine. 



From ancient ages to modern time the pearl is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Pearl is a perfect haemostatic means. Its powder or extract is a frequent component of ointments or skin care products. In the famous Tibetan medical treatise rGyud-bZhi, is stated that pearl should be used for treating memory problems, neurological diseases, and weakness. Pearl water is very popular in Ayurveda and is prescribed as biostimulator, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agent. Indeed, there are many microelements in pearls that are capable of having beneficial influence on the body.




Although not all people of our industrial society may rely on the spiritual, protective, or medical characteristics of pearls, nobody doubts their beauty. Their dim lustre matches jewellery of literally all styles and designs. A pearl ring, pendant, or earrings may transform everyday clothes to an evening attire and bring mystery to the look.  



Particularly prominent is the Tahitian pearl, also known as black pearl, although its color is quite rarely really black, but varies from green to blue. The darker the pearl, the more valuable it is considered to be. The most famous region for growing the Tahitian pearl is French Polynesia, around Tahiti Island. Obviously this intriguing pearl has its beautiful name attributed to it. The Tahitian pearl suits jewellery of any style and form, making it captivating and stunning.


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