How to choose and wear jewellery to work while looking attractive and appropriate

Dress codes at work are an important part of the business culture. The times when women were required to dress in strict black male suits have thankfully passed. Over time the rules have become more liberal, but there are still some tips worth considering in order to positively impact your professional career. Today a woman can make a statement not only with her style of clothing, but also with her carefully and wisely chosen business style jewellery and accessories.


Office look


Of course, what you wear depends on the company you work for and what that company does. If it’s a bank with a strict dress code, then the jewellery is a part of that dress code. This means that you can’t just put on all the chain bracelets and rings you have, but have to choose what you wear sensibly. At most large (especially international) companies there is a clear set of rules for the dress code, both for men and women. Generally businesswomen are allowed to wear a plain watch with a simple strap. You can never go wrong with traditional classic small watches.


Office Dress Code


It’s also recommended to wear humble jewellery: pearls, modest earrings, no more than two rings, all without huge gems or rhinestones. That being said, all accessories still have to match and complete each other.


Sparkles Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver, CZ - Office Dress Code


Well worn jewellery speaks of the status and social position of its owner and indicates the taste and cultural awareness of the person. So here are a few tips on how to look elegant and proper while wearing jewellery at work:



When choosing jewellery for offices, stick to moderation. Do not wear more than three pieces to work or a business meeting. If you think that you are wearing a bit too many accessories, take one of the pieces off. To conservative offices it’s best to wear just a necklace or just earrings, not both. It’s best to stay away from large golden pieces, especially with overly big gems. This type of jewellery is more suitable for a night out.


Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Topaz - Office Style


Be Bold

Most experts advise opting out of extravagant and exotic jewellery in the office. However, this does not mean that you have to totally abandon them. For example, with a large statement necklace you can add a little something to your favourite simple dress.  Plus, this type of jewellery is very popular right now. Choosing a piece like that will make you look stylish and fashionable.  Nevertheless, remember that in this case it’s better not to wear any other jewellery, or wear small unsophisticated and very neat pieces. Otherwise, you might end up looking vulgar and even provocative.


Sterling Silver And Larimar Earrings Office Style


Give preference to earrings

Use stud and other delicate plain earrings to underline you elegance and delicacy. Earrings are a great accessory for looking fancy and stylish throughout the day and night, without having to put too much effort into it. When choosing earrings, select those that will always be in style and follow your personal preferences. With stricter dress codes it’s better to stay away from bulky, excessively sophisticated earrings.


Sterling Silver Studs - Office Dress Code


Rings to set the mood

Do you look at the keyboard most of the day? Then buy yourself a beautiful ring, upon looking at which your mood is bound to get better. With a wedding band a simple ring goes a long way. Do not wear massive bulky rings to work. They do not fit with the business style. Also remember that the traditional way to wear simple small rings is on your middle or ring fingers.


Juvite Ring - Sterling Silver, Sapphire - Office Style

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