How Your Face Type Determines Which Jewellery Flatters You the Most

When choosing your jewellery, there are a few more factors at play than whether or not you like the style (although obviously that is a key part of the whole enterprise!) If you wish to project an air of elegance and to show that you are fully ‘put-together’ there are a few other points you should take into consideration when choosing jewellery. One of the first and most important points to think about are how your facial shape and body type can be enhanced by jewellery. 

First off, try searching for image guides online for ‘Face Shape’. Once you know your face shape, you’ll have a better idea of the styles of jewellery that will suit you and bring out your best features. Jewellery worn next to the face is usually reserved for earrings, but headpieces or necklaces can also have an effect on hiding characteristics you’re not so fond of and highlighting those you like.

A ‘Round’ face shape, like Kirsten Dunst, could benefit from avoiding curvy designs of earring and instead choosing angular and long earrings to provide a contrast. A fascinator, hat or jewelled headpiece should be placed at an angle towards the front of the head to offset the fullness of the face with asymmetry. Chokers, or short, chunky necklaces can serve to shorten your neck and prevent the eye from flowing down the body from the head. Instead, choose mid length charm necklaces or a pendant to provide a focus point on your body that frames your head and shoulders. 

A ‘Square’ face, like Liv Tyler, should avoid wide, angular earrings and favour softer pieces without harsh edges. This contrast works so well, it should be continued with wide brim hats in soft fabrics or feathered headpieces for a special occasion. Try not to wear angular pieces too close to your face otherwise the hard lines will be emphasised and reinforced. Instead, choose delicate shapes or long necklaces of rounded beads for a sophisticated, but playful look.

An ‘Oval’ face, like Charlize Theron, can usually pull off just about anything, but looks especially good in delicate teardrops or pretty studs. You can really experiment with head wear, choosing to go for height or width in a whole range of textures and fabrics. For a timeless look, consider matching your necklace with your earrings to create a cohesive look, or try a statement pendant or collar necklace. 

A ‘Diamond’ face, like Audrey Tautou, looks stunning in longer earrings in soft shapes, which balances out the planes of the face. Floppy brimmed hats or centrally placed headpieces, liked a jewelled tiara will look fantastic on you (now you just need an occasion to wear a tiara…) Necklace-wise, choose medium length necklaces as long ones can tend to lengthen your chin. Necklaces with round beads or circular motifs work well as they add fullness to the lower part of your face.



A’ Heart’ face, like Scarlett Johansson, requires balance towards the chin, so longer styles work really well. Chandelier earrings look wonderful as they really add width to your jawline. Keeping your jewellery simple also works well for you as your face shape is so striking on its own. Choose hats with a high crown to narrow your forehead and with medium brims to balance out your jawline. Rounded necklaces are much better for you than pendants, which will draw the eye down and elongate your chin.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing your perfect jewellery to complement your facial structure. At the end of the day though, if you love a piece of jewellery that makes you feel wonderful, then it’s a surefire winning choice. 

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