How to Choose Earrings to Suit Your Hairstyle and Color

The length, style and colour of your hair can really change the impact earrings make and is always worth considering. For example, you don’t want to purchase a beautiful pair of shimmering pearl drops if you have heavy curls that can’t be tamed and will only hide your earrings. It’s not as cut and dried as it seems however; different lengths of hair can play around with different lengths of earrings for different impacts. 

Long hair girl and earrings

After all, a pixie cut will always have your ears on show and is a perfect blank slate for all manner of delightful earring styles. Take Twiggy, the famous 1960s model as your guide and be experimental to find your preferred styles of earring. You could try a bold, graphic stud or a mix (which is very popular in street style fashion right now) by putting a complementary stud in one ear and a similar style long earring in the other ear.

 short hair and earrings

If you have a bob, the iconic Flapper haircut from the 1920s pioneered by Josephine Baker, you should try long earrings that display a brilliant jewel just at the jawline, peaking out under the length of hair. Playful and interesting, long earrings can add an extra dimension to your outfit when paired with shoulder-skimming locks.

 Bob hairstyle and earrings

Shoulder-length hair is very versatile and so your choice of earrings can reflect that. You might vary between wearing your hair up or down, so a range of pretty studs that flash in the light as you tuck your hair behind your ear would work really well for the day-to-day. Dangly earrings for when your hair is in an updo and unlikely to get tangled could be a fun collection to work on for dinner parties and events. 

shoulder lengh hair and earrings

Long hair can also be worn in numerous ways, so take into account how often you style your tresses up or down before building an earring collection. Lots of intricate chandelier earrings probably won’t get much wear if you usually have your hair down, hiding the earrings and potentially damaging your hair if it gets caught. If you love wearing your long hair in a half-up-half-down look, why not play with different shapes of earring to take you from day to night. 

long hair and earrings

Colour-wise, there are a number of fun little tips to help you stand out. It’s debateable whether or not blondes really do have more fun, but they can really attract attention with blue topaz or larimar, brilliant greens and soft pink rose quartz. 

larimar earrings for blondes

Brunettes have a beautiful dark mane to show off most colours, but will look absolutely stunning in deeper, rich jewel tones like citrines, gold, emeralds, rubies and deep red garnets. 

garnet earrings for brunettes

Red haired beauties can soften the impact their flaming hair has with tigers eye, all shades of green from deep emerald to light peridot and gold.

Peridot earrings

Grey or white hair looks fantastic against pastel colours like peridot, quartz, pearls and silver.

Pearl earrings

Black hair looks magnificent with almost anything, but particularly striking with blue sapphires, topaz and diamonds.

Topaz Earrings

Now that you see how many variables there are to think about when going shopping for a new pair of earrings! By following these tips and tricks, you can make sure that any earrings you purchase will always flatter your physical characteristics. Not to mention, if you dye your hair there is an opportunity for an entirely new wardrobe of earring choices just waiting for you.


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