How to choose and buy gemstone jewellery

Since the ancient times people were attracted by the beauty and mystique of gemstones. The rare and amazing creations of nature were always highly priced. Gemstone jewellery dating to 1200BC was found at archaeological sites in Greece and in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs, gemstone rings were worn by ancient Chinese emperors, European kings, and Russian tsars, where they were essential symbols of power.


Ancient Jewellery


Nowadays gemstone jewellery is affordable and no longer a hallmark of social status. Nevertheless, it remains favoured by both jewellers and fashionistas. A huge range of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces adorned by gemstones is offered by jewellery traders worldwide. How to choose the right one?


Ring with Garnet Gemstone by Juvite


The simplest and most popular way is to buy something with the birthstone. However, who has assigned the stone to each month and why this particular stone? The idea is quite ancient. In fact, it was described in the Bible where it was proposed that each of the gemstones represented twelve tribes of Israel and had special powers associated with the corresponding astrological sign, and that wearing these stones at the right time would have therapeutic or talismanic benefits. Originally one supposedly should possess a collection of 12 gemstones and wear the appropriate one in each month. In modern society it was simplified, and a person may have just one gem that corresponds to the month of birth.




If you want a slightly advanced approach, you may follow the Zodiac scheme. The Zodiac signs do not exactly align with the calendar months. Each Zodiac sign has not only one “assigned” gemstone, but several of them. The Zodiac gemstones vary in different countries. 


Zodiac Signs

An even more sophisticated tradition is the Vedic astrological theory from India which attributes 9 gemstones to 9 planets and one should change the gemstones to wear in accordance with planetary movements and considering their life circumstances and health status.



The most serious approach requires learning and research which combines astrology, numerology, date of birth, and even name. It is quite a complicated approach and without specialist advice it may be difficult to work out which gemstone is yours.


What is your Gemstone

There are other theories which prescribe a stone to a person according to various rules and ideas, but all of them agree that each gemstone has an energetic characteristic, vibes, and power and may bring the wearer benefits and protection. Rightly chosen gemstone jewellery may eliminate health problems, improve energetic balance, increase creativity, and elevate mood, as wall as be a talisman protecting the owner from danger.


Bracelet with Peridot Gemstone

The way how a gemstone was obtained is the most important – a stolen gem will never help and can even cause undesirable consequences, but a gifted or inherited stone can be very beneficial to the owner.  If you’re buying a gemstone for yourself, you may simply rely on your intuition. Closely look at the gemstone, consider its size, shape, and colour, and something should resonate in your soul - you may feel that you want to possess this gemstone, you may feel the urge to put this gemstone ring on your finger, or immediately have the necklace with beautiful stone on your neck


Pendant with Topaz Gemstone

However, if you are a pragmatist and don’t believe in the energetic power of gemstones, it is a good idea to consider a piece of jewellery that you already have and wear frequently and find it a perfect match. It may be an item with the same type of gemstone, but not necessarily.


Black Ring With Natural Citrine by Juvite

Alternatively, the common characteristic may be a specific gem cut or its size. Colours may be contrasting, for example, earrings with bright green Peridot could make a pair with a pendant with sunny Citrine; ruby red Garnet necklace will be perfectly highlighted by a Sapphire ring. No need to say that the jewellery should be in the same style: a contemporary ring will not work well with a romantic and tender necklace.


Earrings With Topaz Gemstone by Juvite

If you have no favourite jewellery with a gemstone so far, but are just starting to build your collection, you may experiment with different stones, metals, and designs, but remember to pay attention to how you feel wearing this particular item. A good sign is that you don’t want to take it off as soon as possible and whether it’s always the first thing that you grab from your jewellery box when choosing your accessories for the day.


Ring with Amethyst by Juvite

However, don’t be disappointed if the ring or necklace lays untouched for months and don’t hurry to get rid of it: maybe it’s not the right time for this piece. Just put it away in a pouch and give it another try when your life circumstances have changed.


Ring with Sapphire Gemstone by Juvite

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