How to buy and wear a pendant necklace

A pendant necklace is different from just a necklace or other jewellery. This small, or not so small, piece of jewellery called pendant quite often performs other than just adornment functions. For example, if you hear the word “talisman” or “amulet”, the first image that may come to your mind is a pendant hanging on a chain, rather than another piece of jewellery. This is quite logical, as since ancient times when one would rely on the magical protection of amulets it was easier to keep it safe on the neck, hidden under clothing from prying eyes. Another popular form of a pendant is a locket, in which one could keep a photo of their beloved or a strand of hair.

Pendant Necklace Locket

Nowadays, although pendants have partly lost these functions, pendant necklaces remain a very important piece of jewellery as they are probably the first piece of jewellery that catches people’s eye when they first look at you. As you never get a second chance to make the first impression, careful selection of a pendant or necklace is essential, as it may highlight or ruin your image if chosen wrongly.


Below is some practical advice on how to wear a pendant necklace.

  1. Layers are a very trendy way to wear necklaces. Several years ago it was generally thought that all necklaces in your layers should be made of the same metal, or at least be of the same colour. This is no longer the case. Feel free to build your layers from silver and gold and combine different structures. However, don’t wear a silver pendant on a gold necklace and vice versa. If you put on a large statement necklace or pendant it should be the only one in your layers. Remember that layers of different lengths give you a laid-back appearance. Avoid it if you want to look formal, and go for it if you intend to look relaxed and nonchalant.

Pendants from the Botanic Garden Collection

  1. If you have a large bust, keep in mind that a delicate pendant that nestles into your cleavage draws attention to your prominent part more than a chunky necklace. Avoid it if it makes you self-conscious.

how to wear pendant necklace

  1. Never wear a necklace with halter neck tops. It looks odd. Instead, you can draw attention to your bare shoulders with large drop earrings.

how to wear pendant with a halter necklace dress

  1. If you wear a large statement pendant, put away other eye-catching jewellery. The general rule is that only one statement piece of jewellery should be worn at a time

Midnight Jazz Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver With Topaz and Amethyst

  1. A short neck could be visually lengthened with a long narrow pendant on a medium length chain.

Temptation Pendant Necklace

  1. Long (80-100cm) chains look good with a pendant of a simple geometric shape and perfectly match an elongated loose top. Bear in mind that it’s not a good idea to wear a massive pendant on a long chain if you are not tall, as it visually makes you shorter.

The Arabian Night Pendant Necklace with Citrine and Topaz

  1. Consider the event and dress code. Diamond necklace, or even something that looks like a diamond, is too much for the office attire or a lunch with a friend. However, if you are invited to a dinner in a fancy restaurant right after your hard working day, you may easily transform your modest little black office dress into an evening outfit with a statement pendant necklace.

Blossoms Penadant Necklace Sterling Silver Enamel

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