How does designer jewellery differ from mass-market?

Designer handmade jewellery is a gift much wanted by beautiful ladies. High style, premium quality, and compliance with the latest fashion trends distinguish such products. But it’s also said that designer jewels have a soul. While creating them the master puts his personality and breathes life into the pieces he makes, the energy of such accessories fascinates and conquers all onlookers.


Arum Lily Enamel and Glass Ring by Gigi Cheng


The items created by designers has many advantages:

  • Uniqueness: there is often only a single piece made of such jewels. A serial release is possible, but the issue is then limited to a small number of pieces. Therefore the risk to meet anyone with a set of jewellery identical to yours is reduced to a minimum.

Handmade UNique Ring With Blue Topaz



Ring By Jewellery Designer Shirley Hui


  • Mass-market jewels were once created by a designer too. The difference is that they are widely replicated and all look like twins. Successful designs are produced in large quantities and sold for as long as someone buys them. The mass market simply does not have time to follow fashion trends, while jewellery designers are aware of trends, therefore when buying products from the latest collections you can be sure they will create a fashionable look.


Love is in the Air Designer Earrings

How to wear designer jewellery? 

Stylists make the following recommendations about designer jewellery:


  • Remember that a created look should correspond to the place and time. Massive jewellery with precious stones is inappropriate for business occasions, and ultramodern variations of bracelets and necklaces with plastic or leather inserts will not suffice for an evening look. In the first case choose classic bracelets, rings, and necklaces, and in the second give preference to expensive and ornate pieces.


Handmade Designer Necklace with Black Pearl


  • Do not overload your look with details. Remember that decorations are accents that attract attention. And designer jewels are not just accents, but bright accents. They are interesting, and even somewhat pretentious, so the more unusual the chosen necklace, the simpler should be the dress. And if there is a geometric print or a combination of colours on the attire, calm and refined accessories should be chosen.


Electra oxidised sterling silver ring 


  • Choose jewellery in moderation. A large number of pieces does not make your outfit rich and luxurious. On the contrary, it calls your sense of style into question. Even if you bought a set of designer jewels, for example, composed of four pieces, do not wear them all together. Choose only the bracelet and the necklace or the ring and the earrings. If you decide to wear three items from the set nonetheless, put the bracelet on your left arm and the ring on the right.


Winds Of Change Pendant Nculace by Designer Juvite


These tips will allow you to look appealing, emphasizing your sense of style in choosing jewellery.


Geometry Pendant Necklace Handmade Contemporary Design


In conclusion, designer jewellery is not necessarily worth a fortune. The price depends on the materials used for its creation, the reputation of the name, and the skill of the jeweller.

But if you buy a piece that you fell in love with at a fairly high price, know that it's worth it. Such bright additions to the appearance allow a woman to feel like a goddess of style and can give her a confidence boost.  

Ballerina Earrings by Designer Gigi Cheng


However, if you are on a budget, take a closer look at designers who have not yet found widespread fame and whose names are less known. You can buy such designer products of high quality at an affordable price without overpaying for the promoted brand, but which will bring no less charm to your appearance.


Peace Lily Sterling Silver Earrings With Citrine


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