Give a Token of Your Love on Mother’s Day

Mother’s. Mom’s. Mama’s. Mum's. Everyone’s got one, whether she birthed you, adopted you, fostered you, raised you or just looked out for you, there is a mother out there that you know and love. After all that time that she has invested in you, she gets one day a year all to herself. Mother’s Day is a day to really show your mum she’s something special. 

So where did Mother’s Day come from? Originally, it is thought to have stemmed from Ancient Egyptian celebrations of their mother goddess, Isis. The Romans continued this tradition and then later, Christians also celebrated a special day for mothers in respect of the Virgin Mary. In the 17th Century in England, ‘Mothering Sunday’ became a day that working children could return home to visit their families. By modern times, Mother’s Day has gained popularity in Australia where it was brought to national observance by Janet Heyden, who wished to raise money to help disadvantaged mothers without a family support network in place. Nowadays mothers are celebrated across the globe, in over seventy countries on different dates.

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A perfect celebration of Mother’s Day in Australia could go a little something like this:

  • Breakfast in bed for your mum, something special like French Toast or her favourite hot drink on these chilly Autumn mornings;
  • A trip out to enjoy the day at a botanical garden, amusement park or a particular gallery exhibition you know she’s been wanting to see but never has the time!
  • Then treat her to tea and cake in the afternoon and a gift you (and your siblings if you have some) have picked out especially for her;
  • Then whisk her back home and make a delicious family dinner for her to enjoy (make sure to do the dishes too!).
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Now, we all know mums don’t want anything from you, other than your love and respect. You could give her a beautiful bunch of flowers (maybe chrysanthemums?), a gift that will sadly but inevitably fade away in a few days. Maybe bake her a delicious cake, decorate it and present it to her for tea! Tasty, but once it’s gone, it’s gone and she’ll have nothing with which to remember the day by. Now, the one thing that no woman has ever said they have too much of? Jewellery. It’s the perfect present, a long-lasting symbol of your love and appreciation. A token your mum can see every single time she puts it on.


Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect jewellery gift for your mum in our shop:

  • If your mum prefers the classic style, go to our Botanic Garden collection; 
  • If your mum likes to go out, browse our Night Out collection;
  • If your mum has a sense of humour, she will like our Forever Wild jewellery;
  • If your mum is a bird or pet lover, our collection After the rain is for her;
  • If you mum loves unusual and sophisticated accessories, look for them in our Juvite collection;
  • If she really enjoys something particularly beautiful and delicate, go straight to Kaleidoscope by G-link;
  • The Music and Dance collection will be perfect for your mother if she adores designer goods;
  • If your mother follows fashion trends, jewellery from our Geometry collection is the best for her;
  • Our Mystery collection is an excellent choice for your mum if she loves stylish and intriguing accessories.


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