Geometry in Fashion

Geometry has popped up on the trend barometer in the last two years, a deviant of the modernist movement in fashion. With clean lines, simple shapes and a compelling array of colours, geometric design is fast becoming a go-to for stylish ladies across the globe.

Often statement-making, with sculptural elements and new techniques to achieve show-stopping designs, geometry has inspired many couturiers over the years. In particular, a slew of style icons in the 1960s adopted the trend as it heralded a new futuristic vision very popular at the time. As mankind made it to the moon, space and technology took centre stage in the design world and this interest was reflected in fashion and jewellery.

Designers like Issey Miyake, who graduated in the Sixties and was undeniably influenced by the era, began to utilise geometric shapes and forms in their designs. Issey Miyake went on to develop a special type of pleating that holds structure on the wearer’s body, creating garments that really stood out from the crowd. Even his deliberately simple creations, like Steve Jobs’ iconic black roll neck jumpers, are geometrically explicit. 

Yves Saint Laurent was another designer to run with the geometric style of the times. His Mondrian collection, released in the mid-Sixties, was a homage to contemporary art and made use of the graphic, clean lines employed by modern artists. Some dresses from the Mondrian collection have been displayed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, in the V&A Museum in London and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

These stunning dresses are reminiscent of the geometry jewellery collection designed by San Franciscan Shirley Hui. Each of her pieces is crafted with beautiful attention to detail, perfectly reflecting the characteristics of geometry’s shapes in lines and curves.

After the hard lines of Art Deco accessories in the 1920s and 1930s, modern geometric jewellery takes a softer, more organic approach. Curves, fluid metals, romantic pearls and mysterious Caribbean larimars combine to create statement pieces that represent the contemporary woman, that would suit not only someone who follows trends but a lady with classic taste who loves to elevate her daily outfit with a touch of something special.

Rectangle and Larimar Ring - Trezoro Jewellery - 1 Circle and Tahitian Pearl Ring - Trezoro Jewellery - 1

No matter the occasion, you can add a certain edge to your look with a geometric design. Whether you choose to go vintage or look for something inspired by classical designers, geometry is a style that lasts despite the changing trends. Showing a refined and elegant taste, geometric design in a piece of jewellery will be something you treasure throughout your life as a signature look.


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