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What are the most popular rings with precious stones? What makes rings with gems so special? A piece made by the hand of a real master is already a work of art, but if it contains any gemstones, that is a separate ordeal altogether. The shining of a clean, properly faceted gem set in a gold or silver piece is not just aesthetically pleasing. It’s a play on the deep emotions of the female and male soul, an awakening of genetic memory.




Special energy emitted by precious stones was first discovered and appreciated by our oldest ancestors. Modern expounders insist that the superstitions and myths could, in fact, be backed by science – crystal lattices which form the molecular structure of a gem possess a certain memory and energy, and can react biochemically with its owner. The differences between the structures of varying gems form the differences between their properties and energetical auras.


Happiness and Gemstone Rings

If there was a tool to measure the number of endorphins (the hormone of happiness) released during any occasion, then it would show results through the roof for women who are jewellery shopping. While shopping in itself has been proven to be a very stress-relieving experience, this is not the only factor at hand here. Making a new look for ourselves gets us into a special mood – a creative one. And creativity always brings happiness! We are not only making a new image for ourselves, but also a different life.



Have you ever thought about this?

If a woman is choosing a ring for herself – it is not just a current household need, but something significantly more meaningful. A sudden desire to buy a ring is a premonition of life changes, an expectation of something very important. And you don’t even know it - this is the invisible work of our subconscious. After all, a ring is not just an accessory. It is the oldest symbol of eternity and unity. One of the first charms that people began to use, protecting themselves from negative thoughts, and creating family alliances. Furthermore, the ring can symbolise a memory: an important event or a person. There is nothing accidental in our world! Even when you buy a ring “to raise your spirits”, you perform a very important psychological act. Perhaps you are driven by the desire to rise to the next step in life. Maybe, you have a desire to change something, a thirst for a new life. A bad mood is usually a very good indicator of this, as when we’re in a bad mood, we’re dissatisfied with ourselves and our life. Hence, we arrange a little ‘treat yourself’ shopping spree, to recharge emotionally.



Or maybe you are finally ready for a new relationship, new feelings?  Every new thing in your life brings fresh energy with it, which pushes you towards further self-development and forms your future. Hence, it’s very important to choose the thing correctly.


Can you choose correctly?

Choosing the right things is a skill, a talent in itself. Unfortunately, not every person has that skill mastered.

Good news for all women out there – you are in luck. It’s much easier to choose jewellery as a female, rather than a male. Every woman has dextrocerebral thinking, which correlates to creativity, imagination, and visualisation. Hence women find it easier to imagine themselves in a given environment or scenario, as well as in a certain outfit, a special look. Our brain can process such ‘modelling’ under a couple of seconds: as soon as we see the object we want to buy, our ‘internal computer’ constructs a 3D model of ourselves, complete with an outfit, and inserts the needed object – be it a ring or even a dress – into the picture. The decision of whether we like or suit the piece can then be made. Women are exceptionally good at picking clothing, shoes, house décor and, of course, jewellery.


What should you look for in a ring?

If we exclude the factor of cost, then the first thing a buyer usually looks at is the style of the ring.

Here, everything depends on your own disposition and the style of the environment you want to wear the ring to. Not every woman can wear a bold, glittering snake as a ring. Each one of us has certain character traits and unique personalities, which only certain symbols and signs suit. A fragile butterfly, a gentle flower, an aggressively glamorous panther – choose something that calls out and connects with your soul.




For everyday wear, delicate and romantic flowery patterns are a classic choice. And the classics are always relevant. Even on a tropical beach, a refined ring such as this will not tamper with the image of stylish beauty, instead, it will highlight the lightness and airiness of the thinnest pareo, the elegance of a wide-brimmed woven hat. Also, on a beach, rings in eastern and cocktail styles are quite appropriate, but never in evening/formal styles! These are special, ‘sacred’ types of accessories. Emphasized chic and aristocracy, conspicuous solemnity and academicism are all associated with such jewellery. The postulates especially relate to rings made of precious stones.



Don’t ever be careless with ring choosing. After all, a ring can tell a lot about you to others: demonstrate your taste, character, sense of style and even prudence. Overly bright rings in an inappropriate setting will tell about your frivolity and immaturity. A rightly, perfectly chosen accessory on your finger will certainly draw the attention to your impeccable judgement and will create an unforgettable impression at any important event.


Obsession Ring


What to consider when choosing a Gemstone Ring? 

Be sure to consider the shape of your fingers and hands. A ring can adorn your hand, make it visually more elegant, or emphasize all of its flaws. Something that suits thin and long “musical fingers” is not ideal for large and plump hands. The width of your wrist must also be taken into account.

Also, consider your age - thin rings are more suitable for young women than massive rings, for example. But, of course, there are always exceptions, especially for evening looks, when one can afford a little extra than usual.



When choosing a ring, always consider your wardrobe. You must know exactly what you will wear with the chosen jewellery. Although sometimes it does happen that a new outfit is specifically acquired for new jewellery, too, and that is quite normal. Do not torment yourself with the ‘ideal way’, do things outside of the box.

One of the last (but not the least!) things you could consider when buying rings with precious stones is your zodiac sign. Different gems and metals have distinctive effects on us, depending on our astrological signs. Hence, this factor might very well be considered. Deep and spiritual souls often recognise and follow the rules of Feng Shui when choosing jewellery, as colour is a form of energy, and each colour has a certain effect on an individual. For example, red is the colour of passion and vital energy, which awakens all of our instincts, adding physical strength and positive emotions. Green is the colour of health, wealth and development, a colour that charges you with a high work ethic and improves intelligence, which, in turn, contribute to the growth of business and to success in general.



Each precious stone carries a special energy, which can and should be used to correct all types of life situations. You have millions of gemstones to choose from! When choosing a ring, remember the magical properties of natural minerals: pearls, for example, have been used since ancient times as one of the most effective elixirs of youth, amethysts open up doors before us, lead us to a greater understanding of the universe. The ‘sunstone’, amber, pushes you to be more active, adds vitality and longevity. Agate will help you to expose the schemes of enemies and those envious. Turquoise is the best assistant in love affairs. Lapis softens the heart, helps us to become wiser and to better understand the psychology of human relations. Rings with natural stones carry abundant energy, which must be appropriately chosen and used.

Choosing a natural stone for yourself is a rare pleasure! To do this, you need to understand the magical and healing properties of these stones, at least a little bit. The “Blog” section on our website, under “Our Shop” was created especially for you, lovely Ladies. Learn the properties of gemstones and birthstones, get acquainted with fascinating stories about materials and choose only the best for yourself!



Of great importance is also such criterion as the “colour type of appearance”. In some women, the colour type is very obvious, in others it is harder to determine. In any case, the harmonious combination of shades in our look is not a whim, but a prerequisite in terms of style and external harmony. The accessories a charming “Winter Woman” can wear will not always look great on the representatives of the delicate “Spring Sisters”. Likewise, the rich range of shades at "Lady Autumn"’s disposal is strikingly different from the "Summer" palette.

When choosing a ring, even the time of the year can be taken into account, as well as the current fashion trends and many more other rules and secrets that will make your choices more perfect, bringing happiness and harmony to your life. You can learn more about all the subtleties and details of the difficult art of selecting jewellery here



Always remember that when choosing a ring, you cannot afford to make a mistake. The ring is not only an accessory, but also a source of energy power. When performing simple magic rituals, any ring can be turned into a protective amulet or a charm that will serve for many years. A properly chosen ring will bring good luck to its owner, a ring the selection of which was rushed, will not.

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