Emphasise Your Best Body Bits with Complementary Jewellery

Jewellery is often the finishing touch that can elevate an average outfit from boring to special. If you get it right, your jewellery can make you feel more confident, more ‘put together’ and can be a talking point when meeting new people. Here’s a handy guide on how your body type can affect which jewellery will flatter you the absolute best.

Body types are very important to consider when choosing your perfect jewellery. After all, women come in all shapes and sizes and jewellery is there to adorn them and make them look beautiful! Pop online and search out what you think your body type is, then read on for tips about choosing jewellery to enhance your assets!

 A ‘Hourglass’ shape, like Marilyn Monroe, should want to emphasise their tiny waist. Use long necklaces and pendants to draw focus to the narrowest part of your body, as well as stacked bangles on your wrists.

        Midnight Jazz Pendant

 A ‘Pear’ shape, like Jennifer Lopez, should bring balance to their silhouette with jewellery towards the top of their frame. Go for bright and bold colors that draw attention away from curves and make them appear more proportionate.


An ‘Apple’ shape, like Angelina Jolie, benefits by showing off their assets - so usually that would be their legs or their bust. Draw attention to these areas with jewellery, like an anklet or with a sparkling gemstone necklace over the collarbones.

Angelina Joli body type and jewellery        

A ‘Strawberry’ body shape, like Naomi Campbell, needs to soften the impact of wide shoulders with delicate chain necklaces. They can also bring balance by drawing focus to their hips and widening them with an artfully pinned brooch or draped belt.


Those with a ‘Banana’ body type, like Cameron Diaz, can try out lots of different looks to break up their up-and-down shape. Try stacking rings with sparkling stones, ornate bangles and long pendant necklaces that don’t add any bulk to the waist area.


Overall, even if you don’t have time to properly determine your exact body shape and the areas you should be emphasising there is an easy rule of thumb to follow when choosing jewellery. Larger women should avoid tiny, delicate jewellery that gets lost on them and petite women should avoid oversized statement pieces that will overwhelm their figures. By following these tips, you can make sure that your jewellery will flatter you every time you put it on, helping you to be more confident every time you wear it.

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