Citrine - Meaning, Legends, and Powers

Which stone is the November birthstone, Topaz or Citrine?
It is, in fact, both. The whole idea of gemstones being assigned to a particular month started when Tiffany & Co released an advertisement pamphlet in 1870 stating a stone for each month of the year. For November the yellow topaz was listed, and the craze with the gemstone had begun. 


However, not all gemstones advertised as topaz were actually topaz. Some of them had to be citrine gemstones, as they have the same colour as topaz and are impossible to tell apart with the naked eye (and that was in the 19th century, so no appropriate aid had yet been invented).

Nowadays due to their resemblance some unscrupulous dealers even try to sell citrine as topaz, as the latter is now considered a more valuable stone. Some names of topazes that are actually citrine are: Bahia topaz, Spanish topaz, gold topaz, Madeira topaz, and many more. 

 "Sun and Shade" ring with Citrile


As citrine stones became less expensive, women started turning to them as replacements for the unaffordable  topaz.  At some point the sales of citrine as the November birthstones were greater than the sales of topaz, thus Jewelers of America, when creating an official list of birthstones, included both citrine and topaz as November birthstones. This new guide is now followed by jewellers in most countries, such as Australia and Thailand.


"Enchanted Forest" Silver Penadant with citrine


Citrine, a pale yellow variety of quartz, can usually be found along with amethyst, the more common type of quartz. Being of the same family the gemstones have a similar texture, but different colours.
Gemstone treatment
This means that the gemstones can be heat treated to resemble each other, which is usually done to make commercial citrine out of the widespread amethyst. This makes citrine less rare and more affordable, as well as available in larger sizes. Citrine is quite hard and prone to weathering, though very sensitive to heat, so protection from extreme light and heat exposure is necessary.

Citrine is believed to have many magical and mystical properties. It is most commonly known to create a safety aura around the wearer, which not only protects the wearer, but also improves mental stability and helps to deal with negative emotions. 

This mineral can also ease stomach aches, cleanse the skin, and get toxins out of the wearer’s body. Chronic fatigue syndrome can be cured with this powerful gemstone. Citrine has many magical properties too: it is thought that meditating with citrine helps to energise the body and leads to successful completion of  goals.

Citrine is used by witches to trick people into doing their bidding, as well as get useful information out of victims. However, a talisman made from the same stone can protect from this very fate - it will prevent people from badly manipulating you.


"Key to the heart" necklace  "Magic Ribbon" Ring Sterling Silver Citrine


All in all, citrine is a very beautiful stone which is affordable, but still really stylish. It has strong healing powers and incredible magical properties, making it a very spiritual stone. Citrine also brings positive emotions to its lucky wearers and those surrounding them, and with that little bit of sunlight citrine jewellery added to your outfit you will definitely stand out from the crowd. 


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