Amethyst - the stone that takes away all worrying

Amethyst is the most beautiful and precious type of transparent or translucent quartz of purple colours with varying intensity and tones. It has a good play of light. The colour of amethyst, from pale to dark purple or cherry-blue, is determined by the admixture of organic colouring. The name amethyst comes from ancient Greek, meaning ‘not drunk’ or ‘unintoxicating’, and expresses the belief that amethyst prevents the wearer from all kinds of intoxication (including desire and passion).


Amethyst Crystal


In all centuries amethyst was considered a ‘blessed stone’, a powerful charm preventing from evil fate. Since the ancient times the stone is deemed an amulet against all kinds of intemperance. As a talisman the stone attracts the mercy of rulers, makes the wearer vigilant, helping growth of the person’s good sense.


Amethyst Amulet


Amethyst, nature’s ‘stone violet’, helps to turn the souls of the religious to God. It gives greatness, love, calls for empathy, and gives hope. Amethyst embodies open-heartedness and honesty, safety and peacefulness, and according to eastern legends joy, wellbeing, and optimism.


Amethyst and Cross


In Tibet wizards thought of it as the main stone for meditation and contemplation. An amethyst crystal is a very powerful collector of information and makes it available for the mind of the meditator. If you look at an amethyst, concentrating on the light for some time, it will help you better interpret information, or even see new solutions in the opened mental field, which might have not even come across your mind before. This can be called widening of horizons, maybe inspiration, surely as the purple colour is associated with spiritual wisdom.


Amethyst Beads


If you are looking for sincerity, open-heartedness, and harmony in your life, then the energy of amethyst will be welcome and even healing. The stone takes away all worrying, strengthens weak auras, cleanses the energy not only of the owner but everything around too. Jewellery with amethyst is best to be kept on a surface, as opposed to in boxes; it cleans the house from strange, foreign, and often negative influences.


Spring River Juvite Pendant with Amethyst - Designer Jewellery


It’s best to wear jewellery with Amethyst that has a continuous shape: rings, necklaces. Earrings with the gemstone are best worn as an amulet; they’re also a great gift for relatives.


Midnight Jazz Earrings With Amethyst - Designer Jewellery Online


Wearing amethyst on the neck with gold will lead the body to an energetic balance. It’s very good to wear amethyst in silver, as this setting of the ‘moon’ metal will undoubtedly improve the stone’s spiritual and healing properties. Amethyst encased in silver will promote friendly contacts, business meetings, which will surely end successfully.


Geometrical Sterling Silver Pendant With Amethyst


Caring for the stone: it’s important to remember that under direct sunlight amethyst gradually loses its purple colouring and fades. In high temperature it completely loses its gorgeous purple colour. Ultrasound cleaning is used in the professional sphere of care for the stone.


Juvite Contemporary Designer Ring With Amethyst


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