All about statement rings

What is a statement ring?

Have you ever seen someone wear an unconventional, often big and chunky ring and wondered what it meant? Statement rings, or those trendy, gallantly coloured, and sometimes quite heavy pieces of jewellery simply cannot go unnoticed.

Decorated with large gemstones, charms, or ornaments, statement jewellery is usually worn to attract attention to the wearer, and is often the very first thing you notice in their outfit. Being bold and unique, although not necessarily oversized or brightly coloured, statement rings are used to add a finishing touch to an outfit or create a certain style.

Electra oxidised sterling silver statement ringSecret Luxury sterling silver statement ring with garnet gemstone


Why wear statement rings?

Twist of Fate Sterling silver statement ring Generally, statement pieces are chosen by the wearer to make a statement about who they are and what they value, hence the name. Statement jewellery often reflects the personality of the wearer, much like clothing and accessories have been used for years to help people portray who they are.

Such jewellery pieces also make people stand out as individuals, often helping them feel more confident and unique.



How to wear statement rings?

It is great to wear statement rings, as they reveal your personality in the most unusual, but at the same time interesting and careful way possible. Plus with the vast variety of statement rings to choose from it is really not a problem to find one that would mould seamlessly into your style.

Birds Sterling silver enamel statement ring

Sometimes the accessories will even turn into items that people relate to your signature style, so choosing your rings carefully is a must. The piece ought to speak both to the wearer and people around them, conveying the right message.

Another thing to consider is that statement rings will draw attention to your hands, so keeping them neat and tidy while wearing the accessory might be a good idea.


Where to wear statement rings?

Statement rings are primarily worn to parties, special events, or nights out, as they are sometimes too chunky to be worn to work (of course, it depends on where you work) or might not fit with the dress code. You can choose the perfect ring from the multiple types available, including cocktail, vintage, oversized, art deco, and two-finger rings. These are made from different materials, often sterling silver, and vary in sizes.

Metamorphosis sterling silver designer statement ring     Sterling Silver and Larimar Statement Ring

All in all, there is really no wrong way to wear a statement ring. Remember, it reflects your personality and should be right for you. So if you like the ring you selected, just remember to keep your head up and wear it with confidence.

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