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Jewellery Giveaway

We love and cherish our friends. Each month we give away a piece (or two) of our beautiful jewellery to one of our newsletter subscribers. Our contest is fair, honest and transparent. 

June Prize

Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Pendant

"Prunus Sinensis" sterling silver and rose gold plated pendant  ✿  "Botanic Garden" Collection

The draw is on 30-June-2017


Trezoro Giveaway


How can I get free jewellery?

Easily. All you need to do is sign up for our mailing list



How do you choose a winner?

One winner is chosen randomly each month by the Google random number generation service. The video of the random number generation process is published here after the draw.


I’m not in Australia. Can I participate?

Sure. We will ship your prize to any country by Australia Post.


What is the procedure?

Once you subscribe to our mailing list and your email address is confirmed, you receive an email from us with your individual number which will be used for the random selection of a winner. You don’t need to remember, keep, or even know it, it is just for your reference. The winner will be contacted personally by email and announced on this page.


What if I didn’t check my mailbox for a while and haven’t seen your email?

The winner should claim the prize within 30 days after the draw. If we don’t hear from you within 30 days, your win will be cancelled.


I won your jewellery once. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. The previous winner may win another giveaway as the winner is selected randomly from the entire subscriber list.


I’m not sure if I would like to continue receiving your newsletters.

No problem at all. You can unsubscribe at any time with one click. However, if you are not subscribed on the date of the draw, you do not participate in the contest. If you’ve unsubscribed, you are welcome to re-subscribe.


I often do not participate in giveaway draws because I’m not sure whether they’re honest. How can I be certain about yours?

We publish a short video showing you the process of random number generation by the Google service, so there is no chance for manipulation. The winners are required to write a few words in the comments to this page below so that everyone can see that they are not ghosts. If the winner is willing to share the prize image on his/her social media page (which is highly appreciated, but not compulsory), it will be published here too.


What pieces of jewellery do you give away?

Each month we select a new piece of jewellery for the contest and announce it after the previous round is concluded. Sometimes it can be a cash voucher which you are free to spend on whatever you wish.


What about data privacy?

We never disclose your personal information (name, email address, postal address, phone number, etc) to any third party by any means. To avoid information leakage we do not upload our subscriber list to any winner selection apps or online services, but use just your individual number.


What else should I know?

Trezoro Jewellery reserves the right to cancel this contest or change its conditions without prior notice.

  Trezoro Giveaway


May Giveaway

Sterling Silver Earrings Topaz, Amethyst  

"Midnight Jazz" Earrings  ✿  Sterling Silver, Natural Topaz and Amethyst ✿  "Music and Dance" Collection 

The winner is Anna, number 31

Look here how the number was selected



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    OMG! I just saw your email. Thank you very much! The earrings are gorgeous!

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